SOMOS – A Goal for Caracas is a program that extends the work of A Goal for Caracas soccer camp, held between July and August of 2012. Until September 2013, this initiative will benefit 1,500 children and youth who are part of Petare’s youth soccer teams and of the Municipal league of Sucre.

The program includes 9 educational workshops and modules for coaches as well as experiential soccer clinics for children and coaches focused on three main areas: Recreational soccer; educational soccer and competitive soccer. The objective: to teach children and youth about soccer in its broadest sense and to turn the sport into a tool for social development.
SOMOS – A Goal for Caracas is the implementation of development programs that promote inclusion and social cohesion in Petare and that use soccer to teach skills and promote human values such as leadership, strategic planning, respect and living standards, discipline, effective communication, equal opportunities and gender equality, sexual and reproductive education and life projects. The program further helps strengthen these skills and values through experiential clinics, where children and coaches can apply in the field the lessons learned.

SOMOS – A Goal for Caracas is possible thanks to the alliance of Project Peace Latin America (PPLA); Fundación Amigos del Deportivo Petare (FADP) and Fundación Deporte para el Desarrollo (FDPD), under the guidance of SOMOS, Red del Deporte para el Desarrollo de América Latina, an initiative of the Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina (CAF) which aims to promote social inclusiveness and the development of competencies and skills in children and youth at risk.

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SOMOS – Un Gol Por Caracas Peace Network



Fundación Amigos del Deportivo Petare (FADP) is a private nonprofit organization whose main objective is to expand the practice of soccer in children and youth from the popular areas of Sucre Municipality in Caracas for the purpose of trainning them so they can join and participate in their teams.

These teams are: Liga Municipal de Sucre, la Liga Venegiros and Deportivo Petare Fútbol Club. The organization offers the necessary tools and values to fight against violence and drugs.


Fundación Deporte Para el Desarrollo (FDPD) is responsible for generating human and social development in Venezuela through Sport and contribute to the development of several sporting communities, providing them with tools, knowledge and skills empowering them to become either better citizens or professional athletes.

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RED SOMOS – Latin America network SOMOS, an inititive of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America aims to create a Latin American social movement formed by as many grassroots organizations that use sport as a tool of prevention, promoting social inclusion and creating equal skills to improve the quality of life of children and young at risk.