PPLA was founded in 2010, as a proposal to a state of emergency that negatively impacts young girls living in Latin American communities damnified by violence, crime, exclusion and poverty.



  • PPLA creates safe spaces that serve to nurture personal development for young girls, so they can positively impact the entire community with messages of peace.
  • PPLA utilizes soccer as a a tool for social impact, a proven model to change quality of life by injecting hope, a sense of belonging and tolerance.



  • PPLA identifies local organizations, businesses, corporations, government agencies, international organizations and media entities to establish an effective network of alliances for peace.
  • With help from our networks of peace, PPLA executes projects that foster education, development and social inclusion.
  • The PPLA program adapts to the necessities and conditions particular to each community we work in with the common objective to promote peace and human rights through soccer.
  •  PPLA’s training curriculum A Goal for Peace provides soccer training to coaches, mentors and children, while incorporating educational workshops in leadership, tolerance, discipline, respect, teamwork, sex education and gender equality.