A Goal for Les Cayes, Haiti 2012

PPLA attended the championship interscholastic football

A Goal by Les Cayes in southern Haiti

Warmth, GRATITUDE, AND HOPE in Cavaillon, HAITI

After the return crossing the most beautiful scenery in Cavaillon, Haiti’s southeast region, hundreds of people gathered on Sunday, May 13th in the small Berette soccer field to enjoy a day of sports, music, and joy.

Peace Project Latin America (PPLA) witnessed an exciting day, the final of an interscholastic soccer tournament that began in February that reunited the youth from ten rural schools in the region. After months of games, Episcopale and La Biche schools played an exciting final match.

Eglantina Zingg president of Project Peace Latin America, accompanied by Jerome Peterson, director and founder of Haiti Youth Development and Education, and Sarah Dutcher, director of Hope for Haiti gave trophies, medals, and photographs to all participating schools.

The day marked the continuation of Goal for Les Cayes, the first project executed by PPLA in the country. On October 22nd  the PPLA team traveled to Les Cayes to support this interscholastic championship soccer tournament with the donation of uniforms and all necessary equipment. A total of 230 young people received new uniforms, soccer balls, vests and equipment to practice their favorite sport.

The warmth, the sense of gratitude and hope was felt in the field of Berette.

Project Peace Latin America is confident that by promoting peace THROUGH sports encourages the development of a noble personality in children and youth, pointed Eglantine Zingg. Teach values such as fair play, discipline, and perseverance, to share and celebrate victories and defeats in particular the importance of teamwork to inspire young people to give their best for their country.

Project Peace Team Latin America, thanks everyone for their participation, for accepting the invitation to score a Goal for Les Cayes in Haiti, for daring to dream and be part of a solution for peace.

PPLA invites all of us to participate in all upcoming projects to promote peace and human values in Latin America.




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